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Distributor APP Operation Guide (Smart Pressure Tester)


PPR is an environmentally friendly and hygienic material. As long as it is a PPR pipe produced by a regular manufacturer, it is generally a healthy and harmless product. Due to the convenient construction of PPR water pipes, it has gradually replaced the original galvanized steel pipes in water supply projects and has become the preferred drinking water pipe for modern home improvement.

However, some illegal manufacturers or some small workshop-style enterprises that are not monitored are taking risks in order to obtain huge profits. They will use a large amount of recycled materials or recycled waste to produce PPR water pipes. This kind of PPR water pipes is not much in appearance with ordinary PPR water pipes. However, in fact, the main component is no longer PPR material. The price of PE-Xb floor heating pipe is composed of a large amount of waste plastic that is harmful to the human body. Using such water pipes is undoubtedly harmful to people's health. So how do you distinguish such poor quality water pipes? Today, I will teach you 5 tips.


First touch the surface of the pipe with your hand to feel whether the texture of the pipe is delicate and the color is uniform. PPR pipes on the market now mainly come in white, gray, and green colors. Generally, recycled plastic cannot be made white, so many people tend to think that white is the best. In fact, this view is more partial. With the improvement of technology, color is not the standard for distinguishing the quality of ppr water pipes.

Two Wen

Place your nose close to the pipe and smell it. Because the main material of PPR pipe is polypropylene, good pipes do not have any smell, while poor ones have some strange smells. This is probably due to the blending of waste plastics in polypropylene, so odorous pipes are best not selected.

three pinches

High-quality PPR pipes have a certain degree of hardness, pinch with your fingers, the hand feels relatively hard, not easily deformed. The wholesale PE-Xb floor heating pipes seem to be very flexible and easily deformed, either due to quality problems or not PPR pipes.

Four hits

PPR water pipes are cold and brittle and are not resistant to smashing. Especially when the temperature is cold, if you encounter a water pipe that is not broken at all, you must carefully consider it. Good quality PPR pipes have relatively high rigidity and hardness, and can resist higher pressure. But the instant impact strength is not the advantage of PPR. Of course, in a normal environment, the quality of a broken water pipe is not good. This may be because the manufacturer deliberately increased the hardness of the pipe and incorporated calcium carbonate.


As the saying goes, real gold is not afraid of fire. It is intuitive and useful to test PPR tubes with fire. Good PPR pipe does not have a strong pungent odor when burning, and the molten liquid is relatively clean. Inferior pipes are mixed with recycled plastics or other impurities, so a large amount of black smoke is emitted during the combustion process, and a very strong pungent odor is accompanied.

The above are 5 tips for identifying poor quality PPR tubes. Have you all learned? If you have any questions about how to tell if the PPR pipe is broken, you can also call us directly.


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