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Quality Integrity Report



In order to fulfill the main responsibility of enterprise product quality, establish and improve the self-discipline mechanism of quality integrity, proactively disclose product quality status and quality commitment information to the society and consumers, accept social supervision, and publish the "Enterprise Quality Credit Report on a pilot basis by the General Office of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. ”(Quality Inspection Office Quality Letter [2013] No. 611), Zhejiang Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau actively promotes the spirit of the pilot work of enterprise quality credit rating evaluation, in accordance with the principles of completeness, objectivity, timeliness, and popularity, combined with the enterprise’s In fact, this report is specially prepared.

This report is prepared in an objective and fair manner. The content of the report is true and effective, and conforms to the actual situation of the enterprise. It is voluntary to publicize the relevant situation of the enterprise and accept social supervision.

The organization scope of this report is Zhejiang Zeiss Pipeline Technology Co., Ltd., and the content includes corporate quality integrity culture, quality integrity management infrastructure, quality integrity management, quality integrity performance, etc.

The time frame of this report is 2018, that is, from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018. The data involved in this report is true and valid.

company profile

Longyue, a well-known international brand in the field of new building materials, was founded in 1994. Longyue has been committed to the research and development, production and sales of new plastic pipes and plastic-metal composite pipes.

With many years of accumulation, Longyue and its enterprises have been recognized as China's well-known trademarks, Zhejiang famous trademarks, Zhejiang famous brand products, Zhejiang well-known trade names, and national high-tech enterprises with good brand influence, excellent product quality, and considerate customer service. , Zhejiang science and technology enterprises, Zhejiang industrial and commercial enterprise credit AAA grade "contract-honoring and trustworthy" unit, member unit of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, standing committee unit of Radiant Heating and Cooling Committee of China Construction Metal Structure Association, and passed German SKZ product quality Certification, European CE product safety certification, ISO9001 international quality management system certification, ISO14001 international environmental management system certification and many other honors and certifications. At present, Longyue's products cover the whole world and are well received by domestic and foreign merchants.

In recent years, the building materials industry has developed rapidly, with new technologies and new processes constantly emerging. International and domestic competition is mainly manifested in technology, service, and innovation competition. In response to the fierce competition at home and abroad and the need for brand strategy improvement, Longyue has been deeply engaged in HVAC pipelines Select the opportunity to join the national high-tech enterprise Zhejiang Zeiss Pipeline Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zeiss Technology). Zeiss Technology takes "international high-end pipe manufacturing" as its core strategy, and continuously introduces and develops advanced equipment and technology at home and abroad every year. The production inspection system is still the operation system. Zeiss Technology is highly intelligent and automated, and has a leading position in the industry. Relying on the technological advantages of ZEISS technology, the Longyue brand is thriving and growing.

We have always insisted on "Your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit!" To bring professional products and services to users around the world, we are willing to work together with you to create a better future!

The first part of corporate quality and integrity culture

Quality and integrity culture is a modern corporate consciousness that upholds quality, pursues excellence, pays attention to management and is responsible for consumers. An excellent quality and integrity culture can enhance the cohesion and vitality of an enterprise, thereby continuously enhancing its creativity.

Values, corporate philosophy, quality policy


Become a leader in international high-end pipeline manufacturing


Bring the most professional products and services to global users


Pursue high-tech, cast national brands, and serve customers with integrity.

corporate philosophy

Enterprise spirit: Pursue the solid spirit of "stableness, harmony, and innovation", and respect the struggle spirit of "responsibility, self-motivated and professional".

Business strategy: quality, technology, efficiency, branding, talent, cooperation, and scale.

Business philosophy: Serve users with integrity and develop markets with brands. Expand the advantages with innovation and expand the enterprise with efficiency.

Product concept: Committed to dedicating safer, healthier and more environmentally friendly products to every family in the world.

Quality policy

Continuous improvement, to provide customers with zero-defect products and services

(1) Quality and integrity goals

In order to achieve the goal of customer satisfaction, to ensure that customer needs and expectations are met, and transformed into the company's product and service requirements, the company's 2018 quality and integrity goals are as follows:

1. The pass rate of finished products is 98% at one time, and the pass rate is 100%.

2. The contract performance rate is 100%, and the customer satisfaction rate is 95%;

3. The product quality reaches the advanced level of the industry, and major quality accidents are prevented.

(2) Enterprise quality and integrity commitment

In order to build a market environment for honest operation and fair competition, strengthen the construction of a quality honesty system, effectively guarantee product quality, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and promote the construction of a "quality strong country", the company solemnly promises to the whole society:

1. Firmly establish the idea of "Quality First", continuously enhance quality awareness and social responsibility awareness, ensure product quality, implement corporate quality responsibility, meet customer expectations and needs for high-quality products, and enhance customers' confidence in our products.

2. Strictly abide by the "Product Quality Law", "Standardization Law", "Measurement Law" and other laws and regulations, strictly implement product standards, do not fake or sell fakes, put an end to false propaganda, and resolutely resist the sale of counterfeit and shoddy products, fraudulent consumers, etc. Illegal conduct does not infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and other companies.

3. Strengthen the quality management of all employees, the whole process and all-round, implement advanced quality management methods, improve the measurement assurance system, standardization system and quality assurance system, and strictly control the quality of raw materials, production process, product delivery, storage, transportation and sales. .

4. Establish an active reporting system for quality and safety accidents, strictly implement the quality and safety accountability system, improve the product quality traceability system, promptly resolve user quality complaints, and consciously fulfill product quality responsibilities and obligations such as product quality recalls and "three guarantees".

This unit strictly fulfills the above commitments. In case of violations, they are willing to bear corresponding legal responsibilities and accept the consequences of including untrustworthy and illegal acts into their bad credit records and making them public.

(3) The spirit of corporate quality and integrity

The company’s mission is "bringing the most professional products and services to global users", the business philosophy is "serving users with integrity, developing markets with brands. Enlarging advantages with innovation, and strengthening enterprises with benefits" and the quality policy "continuous improvement for customers "Providing zero-defect products and services" reflects the spirit of corporate quality and integrity. "Success is built on honesty, hard work will be rewarded" "After a deal is a friend forever", the spirit of honesty has been deeply rooted in every employee's concept.

The second part of enterprise quality and integrity management infrastructure

In order to further improve the quality management level, the company insisted on the construction of quality management system, standard system and measurement system, improved the quality and integrity management organization, actively handled related administrative licenses, and applied for professional certification, which laid a solid foundation for the company's quality and integrity management work basis.

(1) Quality integrity management agency

The company's quality and integrity management implements the general manager responsibility system, has formulated a complete management system, and accepts the supervision and inspection of the company's manufacturing center.

1. Quality and integrity management organization and division of labor

The quality and integrity management organization of our company is led by the general manager, and consists of technical department, production department, customer service department, enterprise management department and other departments. It has established a graded product evaluation team and accepts regular inspections by the manufacturing center of the company headquarters. The company organizes various types of technical assessments, competitions, etc., combining job competition and technical assessment with personal economic benefits, and a large number of excellent quality management workers have emerged from the company.

(2) Quality and integrity infrastructure

1. Certification

Our company belongs to the manufacturing industry and has obtained a business license according to law. The company has established a quality and environmental management system since 2018 and passed the second system certification.

2. Quality and standard system construction

Based on national standards, our company formulates more stringent internal control standards as the company's production and operation activities. In 2018, the company's technical standards, management standards and work standards were comprehensively revised and improved, and the system can meet the company's operational requirements. In order to monitor and measure the effective operation of the quality system, in addition to organizing an internal audit and a management review every year as planned, the Enterprise Management Department also adopts a rolling method to conduct monthly supervision and inspection of various departments and formulate corrective measures in time for problems found in the audit Make improvements.

3. Construction of measurement system

The measuring equipment used by the company is produced by a regular company and strictly managed, and the mandatory inspection instruments are fully cataloged and regularly inspected and proofread. From raw material procurement, process management, production equipment, inspection equipment, process inspection, finished product inspection, etc. for identification, verification, use supervision, and circulation management, a set of management documents and control methods have been established.

4. Inspection and testing capabilities

The company's testing center conducts testing on key items and is equipped with high-end testing equipment such as pipe pressure blasting testing machines, cold and hot cycle testing machines. The company has 32 sets of various testing equipment to provide guarantee for the testing of production products.

(3) Quality reward and punishment system

The company determines the quality index as a company-level KPI, which serves as an important evaluation index for the department in charge, the production department, and the technical department. Established a quality incentive mechanism, implemented a graded assessment of product quality, implemented the "quality veto" and carefully assessed, and used the assessment results as an important basis for the transfer, promotion, promotion, reward or punishment of employees.

The third part of quality and integrity management

Our company adheres to the mission of "creating value for customers" and follows the policy of "survive by quality, and development by brand". From raw material procurement, product production and sales to after-sales service, from new employee induction training to senior leadership special training, from enterprise From management, environmental protection to social responsibility, the company always puts quality and integrity work first.

(1) Quality and integrity education

The company arranges and deploys quality and integrity education every year, formulates a detailed training plan, implements various training methods such as internal lecturers, famous teacher courseware, practical operations, and conferences, and guarantees the effect of education through competitions, examinations, summaries, and submission of reports. The company has formed a complete trinity system of "company-department-team" to jointly ensure product quality.

(2) Quality and integrity management of key product control points

1. Integrity management of product design

When our company conducts product development and design, we strictly follow national standards. Our products must not only conform to scientific theories and national standards, but also consider the potential needs of customers. In order to make our products exceed the expectations of our customers, we have repeatedly carried out experiments, demonstrations, rigorous attitudes, and scientific demonstrations, so that our products have won praises from customers many times.

2. Integrity management of raw material or parts procurement

Strictly follow the GB/T19001 quality management system and determine qualified suppliers through supplier evaluation. In the procurement of raw materials and parts, collective management is implemented to clarify the physical and chemical index standards of various materials. Suppliers are strictly selected. The most important raw materials are directly purchased from large petrochemical companies. Raw materials are inspected in batches. Raw materials that do not meet the standards are not allowed to enter the factory.

3. Integrity management in the production process

The company designs production processes of different varieties in strict accordance with national standards, implements team self-inspection, special inspection by quality inspectors, and regular inspections by quality supervision teams to ensure product quality, implements grade product evaluation standards, and encourages teams to make fine products. During the production process, the next process is strictly inspected to inspect the previous process. Once there is a problem, the line will be stopped immediately, and the unqualified products will be rejected for circulation. Set up a quality exposure platform, set up a QC team, etc., to solve the problems that affect quality during the production process. The pass rate of the company’s products for one-time inspection is 98%, and the pass rate of ex-factory products is 100%. All products are inspected by the technical department.

4. Risk monitoring and emergency management

The company's vertical management model makes the quality management department independent of the production department and becomes a "third party" supervisor of quality integrity management. The quality inspector is responsible for supervising, inspecting and monitoring the finished products and semi-finished products of the workshop on duty; the tester of the technical product department is responsible for testing the physical and chemical indicators of various raw materials. The technical department is responsible for random inspection and quality statistics of the company's product quality. In terms of emergency management, the company established a quality risk control team headed by the general manager, and established a "Quality Risk Control and Emergency Plan" and conducted regular drills to ensure that quality problems that occurred were resolved in a timely manner.

(3) After-sale quality and integrity management

The company has established a complete after-sales service organization, has a professional after-sales service team, and formulated the "After-sales Service Management Standards" and other systems to clarify the after-sales service work process, standards and requirements. Complaint hotlines are marked on the products, promotional samples, websites, WeChat, and advertisements, so that users can promptly report product quality issues to the company. After-sales service outlets are located in major cities across the country. They can arrive at the scene within 24 hours within the province and 48 hours outside the province. After-sales service files are fully recorded and regular return visits are made.

(4) Performance of social responsibilities

Our company adheres to the concept of "people-oriented, harmonious development", pays attention to the protection of employees and the environment in the production process, and has the courage to fulfill the responsibility of corporate citizenship.

1. Integrity promotion of product quality

The company conducts quality and integrity promotion through TV advertisements, high-speed advertising towers, websites, WeChat, conferences, training, product leaflets, corporate bulletin boards, after-sales service cards, three-guarantee cards, etc., to strengthen employees’ quality awareness, and accept Supervision of the party.

2. Environmental protection management

The company actively carried out environmental protection work and passed the ISO14001 environmental system certification in 2018. The noise and dust are tested regularly, and the discharge of waste water and waste gas has reached the national standard, without causing damage to the surrounding environment.

3. Safety production management

The company has established the Safety and Environment Department and the Safety Production Management Committee. The general manager serves as the director of the committee and signs the responsibility letter for safety targets at all levels, in strict accordance with the provisions of the Safety Production Law to ensure the investment of safety facilities and equipment. Safe fire-fighting exercises are held every year, and fire-fighting equipment for safety protection is checked regularly.

4. Occupational health management

Enterprises actively carry out occupational health and safety management. Provide labor protection supplies in strict accordance with the regulations. They must be worn in place during work, and regular physical examinations are arranged for employees to prevent injuries and occupational diseases when danger occurs. For three consecutive years, the company has achieved zero serious injuries, minor injuries and deaths.

5. Quality assurance commitment

The company has set up an after-sales service department. There are telephones on the company's website and products. When quality problems occur, you can contact our company's after-sales service department. We will arrive at the scene within 24 hours and 48 hours outside the province. Our company solemnly promises that it is our responsibility Three guarantees are implemented for products with quality problems, which will be returned and compensated for related losses.

Part Four: Corporate Quality and Integrity Construction Performance

In 2018, through the joint efforts of all employees of the company, the company has achieved gratifying results in economic and social benefits.

(1) Brand influence

Obtained the national high-tech enterprise certificate, the Zhejiang high-growth high-tech enterprise certificate, the national product and service quality integrity demonstration enterprise, and the national quality inspection stable qualified enterprise honorary title.

(2) Social reputation of main products (customer satisfaction)

The company's sales department, after-sales service department, and enterprise management department also regularly conduct satisfaction surveys on different customer groups, and the average satisfaction rate is above 95 points.

Concluding remarks

In the fierce domestic and international market competition, if a company wants to remain invincible, it depends to a large extent on the quality of its products, its core technology and independent innovation capabilities, and the cultivation and development of its brand. Further development of quality revitalization work is of great significance for us to promote the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure and promote economic growth!


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