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If a serious accident occurs, the distributor should take the initiative to arrive at the scene of the accident at the first time, verify that the loss is at least 5000 yuan, belong to the product quality accident (non-human installation reasons) to make the following claims: 

1, Protect the scene, by the distributor reported 95511 to 5, insurance policy number (consult distributors or manufacturers), provide the scene of the accident passengers. The home address and contact information are given to the PICC and record the report number. 

2, CIRC dispatches inspectors (preferably dealers) to take pictures and records on the spot, and tells clients and dealers the insurance claims application materials they need to prepare, so that they can have a list for customers and dealers. The clients provide all the materials according to the list (for example, the insurance company lists all kinds of losses, and the owners provide advance information). The distributor and the insurance company shall confirm that all the materials are complete and qualified. 

3, The distributor will pay the amount of compensation agreed by the client insurance company (or deducted in the payment) after knowing that all the materials are qualified and complete, and get back the certificate of payment from the customer (the certificate of compensation received by the client unit stamped, faxed to the head office 0575-87658836). 

4, The head office will send a fax to the insurance company to verify whether the customer has actually received the compensation. After verification, the head office will pay the compensation to the distributor and the insurance company will pay the compensation to the head office. 


1, property loss below 5000 yuan is not suitable for insurance companies to settle claims. 

2, every time there is no deductible expenses incurred, 5000 yuan or more is deducted 10%. 

3, Every time out of danger according to the insurance company site damage, the replacement part of the cost of water pipe rupture is not included in the scope of claims, only the property damage caused by water pipe rupture claims, artificial damage not claims (site water pipe rupture, because there is no owner, the insurance company does not support claims). 

4, owners need to provide purchase invoices for damaged property, manual wage list and manual wage receipt. 

5, if the loss is not consistent with that of the insurance company, it should be based on the valuation of the insurance company. 

6, because there is a waivers of the existence of the claim, the owners should provide more 10%-20% invoice. 

7, After confirming the valuation, distributors around the country first pay the compensation to the owner and sign a compensation agreement, which will be settled after the insurance company pays the compensation to the company.

If the above is not clear in practice, you can consult: Longyue Pipeline Insurance Claims: 13655750802 manager or sales staff

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