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Congratulations to our company for being awarded the "Made in Zhejiang" brand enterprise


After several months of continuous inspection and guidance by the “Made in Zhejiang” review team on the company’s product quality, independent innovation, brand building concept, industrial collaboration, social responsibility and other systems, the “Zhejiang Zeiss Pipeline Technology Co., Ltd.” was finally honored to be organized The committee receives "Made in Zhejiang" brand enterprises, and we will continue to give back to consumers with high-quality products and services.



In 2014, Zhejiang Province adhered to the combination of market-oriented operation and government guidance and promotion to create the country's first regional public brand, “Made in Zhejiang”.

"Made in Zhejiang" takes "regional brand, advanced standards, market certification, international recognition" as the core, and "standards + certification" as the means, integrating quality, technology, service, and reputation. It is recognized by the market and society and represents Zhejiang The regional brand image logo of advanced manufacturing industry is the "benchmark" and "leader" of Zhejiang manufacturing industry, and the "synonym" of high quality and high level.


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