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Product Customization Conditions

1, ownership of independent brand and design patent products, need to provide legal procedures;

2, ownership of the trademark or the issuance of formal authorization documents;

3, annual shipments to meet the company's customization standards;

4, the first shipment is not less than the minimum standard;

5, custom products once produced will not be returned;

6, if external factors lead to product problems, the two sides will resolve the issue through consultation;

7, if individual special requirements, need to communicate with the sales staff in advance to avoid causing losses on both sides;

After signing the order contract, 30 % deposit and packaging printing expenses are required.

Product Customization Process

1, telephone consulting company headquarters;

2, the customer came to the headquarters to visit the inspection;

3, the two sides to negotiate specific matters;

4, the two sides reached an intention to sign an order contract, make a product deposit and package printing costs;

5, provide company qualifications(business license, trademark registration certificate, etc.) seal;

6, both parties negotiate packaging matters(we can provide free packaging design proposal reference);

7, the company provides samples to confirm the appearance, color and typing of products;

8, after the two sides confirm the correct, delivered to the production department to order production;

After the order is completed, notify the ordering party to check the goods and make the final payment;

10, contact logistics delivery(logistics costs according to the contract);

11, tracking logistics to the customer's designated location;

12, customer receipt confirmation.