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Service logistics APP operation guide (intelligent pressure tester)


As people’s awareness of environmental protection has increased, the sanitation of drinking water has received widespread attention. Drinking water pipelines are easily rusted and scaled due to galvanized pipes. Galvanized pipes are now being phased out and replaced with plastic pipes, composite pipes, and stainless steel pipes. The installation and construction of plastic pipes is simpler, faster and more convenient than galvanized pipes, and the quality is easier to control, and maintenance and repair are much more convenient. In home decoration, it is a general trend that various new plastic pipes replace traditional galvanized pipes. However, the selection of a small plastic pipe is also asked by the university. The editor takes PP-R, a common hot and cold water pipe in home decoration, as an example.

1. What is a PP-R tube?

PP-R pipe is officially named as random copolymer polypropylene pipe, which is currently the most used water supply pipe in home improvement projects. The interface of the PPR pipe adopts hot-melt technology, and the pipes are completely fused together, so once the installation and pressure test pass, there will never be water leakage, and the reliability is extremely high. There are PPB and PPH on the market, their price is low, but the heat resistance and pressure resistance are far behind PPR, so they are not suitable for hot water pipes.

2. The truth about PP-R tubes on the market?

PPR pipes are originally produced in Germany. The best supplier of PPR particle raw materials is Borealis. At present, only a few PPR raw material manufacturers in the world can produce PPR particles that can meet international safety standards. At present, only the PPR particles produced by Sinopec in China can meet international standards. Authentic PPR raw materials have been underwritten by a few large domestic PPR companies. Most companies cannot buy PPR raw materials, so they use PPB and PPH to produce and sell counterfeit PPR, and even unbranded companies use recycled materials for production.

The price of authentic PPR raw materials is more expensive. If the price of PPR pipe is very low, there may be a problem.

 3. What are the hazards of fake PP-R pipes?

The installation of water pipes is a concealed project. If there is a problem: at the slightest level, running and dripping, the walls are green and moldy, which affects the beauty; at the worst, the pipe bursts, "water overflows the golden mountain", soaks the floor furniture, etc., and even damages the residents downstairs. lost heavily.

Fake PP-R pipe, its raw material contains a small amount of organic ingredients such as phenol, long-term use is harmful to human health.

4. How to choose PP-R tube?

First of all, according to the birthplace of PPR pipes, it is recommended that you choose German products. As we all know, the German manufacturing spirit is like an umbrella. Choosing German products means choosing quality and guarantee (after-sales service); secondly, according to PPR raw material particles First choice is Borealis, Basel, Saudi Chemicals and other high-quality raw material production plants; finally, see if they have certificates issued by world authorities (DVGW, SKZ, IQ NET, etc.). For example, the most popular micro-method PP-R pipe on the market meets the above requirements and is the only PPR pipe product with a 100-year warranty on the market.

PPR water pipe brand is good, the quality of pipes and fittings should be paid attention to. Poor water pipes have a pungent smell, especially when they are connected by hot melt, and they produce black smoke. Good water pipes, such as imported water pipes such as German Microfax, use high-quality raw materials exclusively provided by Borealis, free of harmful substances, and are green and healthy.

Whether the water pipe is good or not, the pipe fittings are also very important. The quality of the pipe fittings mainly depends on the quality of the copper inserts. Good fittings have smooth inner (outer) wire joints with knurled small teeth.

There are many colors of PP-R pipes on the market. It is recommended to choose dark PP-R pipes such as green. If you choose to use white PP-R pipes, you must use concealed pipes. For white PPR pipes, light-proof measures (such as thermal insulation pipes) must be taken if exposed to the surface to avoid secondary pollution of water quality caused by direct sunlight.


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