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Hydraulic APP Operation Guide (Smart Pressure Tester)


First, let's start with some cognitive misunderstandings of PPR water pipes. Some pipe manufacturers or distributors, in order to increase the gimmick, baselessly exaggerate the application range of PPR, claiming that it can work for a long time at -20℃~90℃. This not only makes the manufacturer itself passive, but also wrongly The majority of users have introduced misunderstandings. At present, there is a heavy hammer hitting the pipe. It is a reflection of the lack of understanding of PP-R material to see whether it is broken or not. The real PPR water pipe is easy to be broken at low temperature (below 10 degrees), and it is not broken. Instead, it may be PE water pipes or inferior products added with recycled materials. These inferior pipelines have excellent toughness in the low temperature area, but the creep resistance and pressure resistance at higher temperatures are relatively poor, and quality accidents are prone to occur. If it is low-quality plastic, there will be health risks. However, consumers who do not know the details are easy to be wrongly guided, thinking that the pipe quality problem is caused by the fracture of the PPR pipe construction at home. As everyone knows, most of the PPR that does not break at low temperature is not the real PPR.

With the advent of winter, everyone finds that the installation accidents of PPR water pipes have increased accordingly. Everyone can't help but ask, is the quality of PPR water pipes manufactured by the manufacturer deteriorated? In fact, the quality of the manufacturer's PPR has always been stable. It is the material properties of the PPR itself that determine that it is prone to cracks and breaks of pipes and fittings in different degrees during a series of processes such as construction, loading and unloading, and transportation. The following is a detailed introduction to the causes of PPR brittle fracture and effective measures.

PPR is a random copolymerized polypropylene, which is obtained by random copolymerization of propylene monomer and a small amount of ethylene monomer under heating, pressure and catalyst. The ethylene monomer is randomly distributed in the propylene long chain, and the ethylene monomer is generally controlled between 35%. The ethylene content and the polymerization method of ethylene and propylene determine its cold brittleness.

The PPR pipeline uses high-quality PPR particles with fused color masterbatch model RA130E-6017 exclusively supplied by Borealis. The exclusive supply of raw materials can not only improve the anti-counterfeiting ability of the brand; the purity of the material is high, and the quality of several high-quality imported pipelines in the industry Far ahead in the comparison test. It does not add any back material, and its high-quality purity determines its brittleness at low temperatures. That is, under the action of external force, when the external force is greater than its bearing limit, the stainless steel corrugated hose company is very likely to have cracks and other phenomena. This kind of rupture is mainly caused by strong external force during transportation or construction, and the appearance is not easy to detect.

For the characteristics of PPR water pipes, we need to do the following to prevent the harm caused by them:

1) Throwing, falling, rolling, or dragging of PPR pipes is strictly prohibited during transportation;

2) Pipes are required to be stored in warehouses and simple sheds, and the stacking height cannot exceed 1.5m;

3) The construction personnel should be familiar with the characteristics of PPR pipes, and construct according to the requirements of relevant national technical regulations or technical manuals.

4) Pay attention to civilized construction, safe production, and proper protection of finished products. During the construction process, improper external forces (such as impact, crushing, scratches, etc.) should be avoided to cause mechanical damage to the pipe, leaving hidden cracks in the pipe and burying hidden accidents.

5) PPR pipes have a certain low temperature brittleness below 10°C. Be careful in winter construction. Do not use electric saws, hand saws, fast cutting, and slow cutting when cutting pipes. Do not press or knock on the installed pipes. If necessary, cover the parts vulnerable to external forces with protective materials.

6) Before the pipe is hot-melt connected, carefully check whether the pipe has been damaged. Especially the inner wall, because when the pipe is subjected to external force, the inner wall ruptures first, and then to the outside. Avoid using pipes with broken inner walls but unbroken outer pipes. Check whether the pipe is contaminated or not, and cut off 50mm at both ends before fusing.

7) The temperature of the welding machine must be controlled at 260℃±10℃, and the heating time of the pipeline can be extended appropriately in winter.

8) After the pipeline is installed and fully cooled, a pressure test must be performed to prevent leakage caused by improper transportation and installation of the pipeline; the pressure test of the cold water pipe is 1.5 times the working pressure of the system, but not less than 0.9MPa; the hot water pipe test The pressure is twice the working pressure, but not less than 1.2MPa. Generally, there is no leakage after 1 hour of voltage stabilization, which is qualified;

Note: PPR water pipes are plastic pipes, no open flames are allowed in the storage and construction site, and it is strictly forbidden to bake the pipes under open fire. Anti-freezing measures should be taken when there is a possibility of freezing indoors. After moving the pipe from the outdoor low-temperature environment into the room in winter, be careful not to carry out the construction operation immediately. When the temperature of the pipe itself rises to close to the warmer indoor temperature, perform construction again to obtain better construction quality.

I hope that providing this article will enable more customers to understand the characteristics of the product in time, prevent problems before they occur, eliminate hidden dangers in the bud, ensure the quality of pipelines during transportation and installation, and greatly enhance customer experience, allowing customers to use More at ease.


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