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The roof or ground of the ppr pipe during decoration has always been a problem that plagues many owners. Ppr water pipes are costly and labor-intensive in the early stage, but later maintenance and inspection are easier, and PVC drainage pipes are wholesale to minimize losses; ppr water pipes are easy to walk in the early stage, saving time and materials, and they are also the first choice for many individuals to undertake packaging repairs. Repairs in the late stage are very troublesome, and the losses are the biggest. There are advantages and disadvantages to the waterway wiring method, so which waterway method is more suitable for your decoration?

   The water pipe goes to the ground

It is the easiest for water pipes to be installed on the ground. At the same time, there are not many materials. However, the biggest disadvantage of grounding is that once water leakage occurs, it is difficult to be found, and the maintenance is extremely troublesome and may cause heavy losses ( For example, it is easy to soak the floor, and the water will seep into the homes of the residents downstairs), and the area needs to be pryed open during maintenance, which is costly.

  Water pipe walks the wall

  The water pipe runs through the wall. It is difficult to install the pipe and uses the least materials. If a water leak occurs, it is easy to repair, and if a water leak occurs, it is easy to be found. Generally, it is not easy to cause major losses. However, the pipeline needs to be slotted when running through the wall. Once slotted, the price of the ferrule type pipe fittings will damage the wall, and it is more difficult to slot the wall, but it will not damage the ground waterproof. Reminder: Grooving is not recommended for load-bearing walls, and as few horizontal grooves as possible for ordinary walls. If the wall with grooves is painted with latex paint, the chance of cracking in the grooved position is greater than that of the position without grooves.

   water pipes go to the top

When the water pipe is installed on the top, it is the most difficult to install, and it also uses more materials. However, if the pipe is on the top, it is easy to repair and the leakage is easy to find. It is not easy to cause major losses and will not damage the ground waterproof. There must be a circle of suspended ceiling or plaster line to block the hall.

   It can be seen that, of course, the top of the water pipe is a relatively safe choice. Now more and more decoration companies will suggest that owners choose to use the roof. Although roof decoration is more time-consuming and costly than the other two methods, the cost of roofing is completely worth the investment compared to the later maintenance and losses.


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