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Stainless steel gas corrugated hose installation


Stainless steel bellows usually use 304 stainless steel or 301 stainless steel as raw materials, which have good flexibility, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, tensile resistance, and water resistance, and can provide a certain shielding effect.

   Stainless steel bellows connection method:

   stainless steel metal hose is basically composed of three parts: corrugated pipe, net sleeve and joint. The corrugated pipe is the body of the metal hose, which plays a flexible role; the mesh sleeve plays a role of strengthening and shielding; and the joint plays a role of connection. Different stainless steel hoses have different connection methods during use. Some are connected by welding, some are connected by mechanical clamping, and some are connected by mixed methods. The three parts of the bellows, the mesh sleeve and the joint are connected in the form of welding, which is called welding; the connection in the form of mechanical clamping is called mechanical clamping; in addition, there is also a combination of the above two methods, called hybrid . In practice, which way to choose the price of bellows for connection, users need to choose according to actual requirements.

   Use of stainless steel corrugated hose: Mainly used to protect precision optical scales, protect sensing lines and automatic instrument signal wires.

   Types of stainless steel metal bellows: mainly divided into two types, one is a spiral bellows; the other is an annular bellows. However, whether spiral or annular corrugated hoses are flexible pressure-resistant pipe fittings, they are usually installed in liquid conveying systems to compensate for the mutual displacement of pipes, machines, and equipment connections, absorb vibration energy, and reduce vibration. It has the functions of good flexibility, light weight, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance and high and low temperature resistance.

   The so-called spiral corrugated pipe refers to a tubular shell with corrugations arranged in a spiral shape. There is a spiral rise angle between two adjacent corrugations, and all corrugations can be connected by a spiral line.

   The so-called ring-shaped corrugated pipe refers to a tubular shell whose corrugations are in a closed circular ring shape, and the waves are connected in series by ring corrugations. The annular corrugated pipe is formed by seamless pipe or welded pipe. Restricted by the processing method, the length of a single tube is usually shorter than that of a spiral corrugated tube. The advantages of installing annular corrugated pipes on ppr water pipes are good elasticity and low rigidity.


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