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Instructions for use of intelligent pressure tester


The main difference between imported PPR water pipes and domestic PPR water pipes is that the standards followed in the production of water pipes are different, and the attitudes towards standards are also different in each country. Some companies follow the deviation, and some companies follow the deviation, and they all meet the standards. If you want to say how high the technological content of PPR water pipes is, that is not necessarily, but if you want to say that there is no good or bad, it is a misfortune.

   is also a water pipe with a nominal wall thickness of 4.2mm, there is such a big gap in the measurement results

   For example, the wall thickness of water pipes is directly related to the pressure-bearing capacity of water pipes. There are many situations like the picture above. Some may not have such a big gap, but there is still a gap between good brands and general brands. Some people on the Internet will say that the wall thickness of the water pipe has nothing to do with the pressure of the water pipe. It is nonsense and does not understand the product at all. The wall of the water pipe is thin. Obviously, the material used is less and the cost is reduced. In the worst case, it is called cutting corners, but as long as you meet the national standard, generally no one will say that to you.

  Copper parts are cut through, the gap is clear at a glance

   Regarding the copper fittings, it is generally not used too much in the household plumbing system, which is also needed for the connection parts of the faucet or some household appliances. As shown in the picture above, you can't see the difference in the wire mouth part of the copper fittings from the outside, but when you cut it open, you will find that the amount of copper is completely different. In addition, there are still problems with the injection molding process of some injection molded parts, and pores are only found after opening, which of course will affect the quality of the water pipe.

  The inner wire copper parts are weighed and compared after they are melted.

   Melt out the copper parts and do a weighing comparison, and you will find that the inner wire copper parts of the good brand water pipes are still quite different from the general brands. If the weight difference of copper parts of ppr water pipe specifications is small, the problem may not be very big, and they are all on the same level. If the difference is so large, the quality must not be of the same grade. In addition, copper fittings are divided into non-nickel-plated brass and nickel-plated brass. The cost of non-nickel-plated brass is higher than that of nickel-plated brass.

   Comparison of shading performance of different brands of water pipes

   In addition, the shading of PPR water pipes can also tell the difference between brands. If water pipes with poor shading properties are exposed to the sun for a long time, they are particularly prone to grow algae, and water pipes are prone to fouling. (Many stainless steel pipe companies now use this as a bad example of PPR water pipes. In fact, Tian Ji races horses and blames inferior PPR pipes.) However, now PPR pipes are generally concealed, and the impact of poor shading will not be great. Although the national standard also stipulates that the light transmittance of PPR pipes is much lower than 0.2%, in fact, most companies cannot meet this standard, because this standard is not a mandatory standard in the national standard, but a recommended standard , So some companies don’t care about this indicator very much.

   The quality of PPR material affects the welding of water pipes

   The quality of PPR pipe raw materials will directly affect the difficulty of welding. I believe that experienced plumbers will feel this way after ironing many brand water pipes. Inferior PPR materials will become thin and soft after being blanched. If they are placed horizontally for a little longer, they will fall in general. The pipes made of high-quality PPR raw materials will not become thin and soft after being scalded. The welded joints of PPR water pipe welding pipes will expand evenly, which is very easy to weld. Of course, welding mainly depends on the skill of the waterman. The skilled worker may not care about these details, but from the product point of view, this factor greatly affects the welding quality.


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