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Contrast test of butt welding aluminum-plastic composite pipe for sliding tight parts


Steel-plastic composite seamless steel pipe specifications_Home Recommendation Guide: The inside and outside of the plastic-coated steel pipe are coated with a protective layer of plastic, which manages the problems of corrosion, rust and pollution of the steel pipe itself. The plastic-coated steel pipe and steel-plastic composite layout feature makes its flame retardancy better than pure plastic pipe. According to user needs, the production of internal and external plastic-coated pipes with different lengths is our good indicator. The three-pe anticorrosive coating combines the characteristics of high impermeability of epoxy resin and polyethylene materials, good machine performance and high performance. Plastic coated steel pipes are coated with plastic protective layers inside and outside, which manages the problems of easy corrosion, rust and pollution of the steel pipe itself. . With its superior comprehensive nature, strong corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, excellent chemical resistance and water resistance, it has drag reduction, corrosion resistance, and compression resistance, and is good for equivalent use.

  The plastic-coated steel pipe steel-plastic composite layout feature makes its flame retardant nature better than pure plastic pipes. The anti-corrosion system of anti-corrosion steel pipe is fundamentally long-lasting. As usual, the design life of anti-corrosion steel pipe is more than 30 years. The base pipe of the plastic-coated water supply pipe is the longitudinal welded steel pipe. The spiral seam submerged arc welded steel pipe shall comply with the requirements of the base pipe; the seamless steel pipe shall comply with the requirements of 3 pairs of base pipes. The ppr hot water pipe treatment punishes the rust and scaling problems of the buried and water delivery pipes of the popular fire-fighting water supply pipes. There will be no signs of clogging of the pipes and sprinkler heads. This improves the application life of the fire-fighting water supply pipelines and has a long application life theory. For 50 years, it has been applied for more than 10 years now, and it is safe and excellent. The connection and installation of pipes shall be implemented according to the following requirements: the firm measures can be stabilized by cement or brick buttresses, etc. At this time, pipes or pipe fittings can be built in buttresses. Use brackets, brackets, and hangers to be stable on time, and U-shaped or other types of pipe clamps must be installed on the pipeline or pipe fittings. In view of the slippery surface of the pipe, in order to prevent the pipe clamp from sliding, the plastic-coated steel pipe manufacturer should place a rubber pad between the outside of the pipe and the pipe clamp, and tighten the pipe clamp with screws to guard against sliding. Furthermore, the pipe clamps can be connected to the brackets, brackets, brackets, etc. through bolts, etc., or they can be installed according to the user's drawings. When the construction drawings cannot be supplied, people can be sent to the site to measure, design and make special pipe connectors and Mining pipes are connected or connected with seamless steel pipes through quick pipe clamps.

Specification of rigid-plastic composite seamless steel pipe_Home page, anti-corrosion steel pipe anti-corrosion layer is crucial to the life of buried pipelines. Pipes of the same material, some buried in the ground for decades, will not corrode, some years occur. It is because they have adopted an incompatible outer anti-corrosion layer. In the three-layer layout, the main effect of the fusion-bonded epoxy powder coating is: the formation of a continuous coating film, which is directly bonded to the outside of the steel pipe. PPR hot and cold water pipes have good liulai chemical corrosion resistance and cathodic stripping resistance; It reacts with the active groups of the central layer adhesive to form a chemical bond, ensuring that the overall anti-corrosion layer maintains excellent adhesion at higher temperatures. The center layer is usually a copolymer adhesive, and its main element is polyolefin. Nowadays, base copolymer adhesives are widely used. The polar part of the functional group of the copolymer adhesive and the epoxy group of the fusion-bonded epoxy powder coating can reflect the natural hydrogen bond or chemical bond, so that the center layer and the bottom layer form an excellent bond; the non-polar part is polymerized with the surface layer. It has a good affinity, because the center layer and the surface layer also have a good bonding nature. The main function of the poly surface layer is to play the role of machine care and anti-corrosion, which has the same effect as the two-layered poly anti-corrosion layer.

What are the characteristics of Shixin’s internal and external plastic-lined composite steel pipes? At present, more than 80% of the fire pipes in the world are drawn from the internal and external plastic-lined composite steel pipes. It completely manages the corrosion of the fire extinguishing agent. The anti-corrosion and flame-resistant qualities under water conditions, the use of pipes enhances the application life of fire-fighting water supply and automatic fire-extinguishing sprinkler systems. In the construction industry, steel pipes are used particularly frequently, especially the internal and external lining plastic composite steel pipes. Still holding the necessary advantages, it has brought us great benefits and advantages.

  Plastic-coated steel pipe is anticorrosive, acid and alkali salt resistant, corrosion resistant, non-toxic and non-radiation. It is widely used in water supply, industry, fire protection, communication, electric power, and other high-quality construction projects. It is a green product for the renewal of pipes in the 21st century. It can be used as heat-resistant and anti-corrosion for the construction of water supply and drainage, cold and hot recycling water pipelines, and can be used for anti-corrosion of pipelines such as seawater recycling systems and chemical systems. Home improvement water pipes have strong corrosion resistance, drag reduction, anti-corrosion, compression resistance, antibacterial and other effects, and have excellent chemical resistance and water resistance. It is usually not restricted by the transportation medium, and there is no worries of "running, leaking, cracking".

What are the important classifications of steel-plastic composite pipes? The production quality and key types of environmentally-friendly steel-plastic composite pipes. Plastic-steel composite pipes are in the process of use, especially when used as hot water pipes. Not only will there be U-PVC single Body and additives are excreted, and the used viscose itself is rich in harmful materials, because it is rarely used. Plastic-steel composite pipe PE-AL-PE pipe is the thin-walled aluminum pipe with a polyethylene layer on the surface and the inside; the steel-plastic composite pipe is lined (coated) on the inner wall of the steel pipe with a steel-plastic composite pipe layer. Composite pipes, plastic-steel composite pipes include two types: plastic-lined steel pipes and plastic-coated steel pipes; PEX pipes are made of polyethylene by kneading.


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