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PPR/AL/PPR(Butt welding)

PPR/AL/PPR(Butt welding)

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Product introduction

PPR aluminum plastic alloy pipe is a kind of aluminum plastic composite pipe with high strength special alloy aluminum tape butt welding (argon arc welding) aluminum pipe as the matrix, and the inner and outer layers of composite material are all imported PPR raw materials. The ASTMF1335 standard in the United States calls the butt joint of aluminum plastic composite pipe "metal pipe with plastic protective layer".

Product features

1, the new welding technology: the company produced pipe in aluminium strip joint with argon arc welding, laser welding) process instead of the traditional lap ultrasonic welding process, to improve the strength of aluminium strip joint, make the pressure on the performance of the products are the flying, confined ability better than most of the products on the market, more suitable for use in high pressure environment.

2. Higher quality standard: the company produces composite pipes with higher aluminum strip thickness and PPR thickness of inner and outer layers than the industry standard, so as to ensure higher strength and better quality and greatly improve the service performance and service life of the products.

3. Better rigidity: after aluminum belt layer and internal and external PPR layer are thickened, the rigidity of pipe material is also improved, which is not easy to deform and can adapt to the requirements of surface mounting under various environments

4, the new welding technology: this product USES the welding tool, developed by the special welding equipment, have been related to the national patent, the tool can completely eliminate aluminum tube when hot melt connection direct contact with water, has solved the aluminum-plastic pp-r type of melt into fatal defects, fully guarantee the service life of the product.

5, good oxygen resistance: aluminum pipe layer can completely isolate oxygen penetration, with 100% anti-permeability of oxygen performance, can keep the heating system in a low oxygen environment for a long time, effectively extend the service life of boiler, radiator, water collector, valve and other metal components, reduce the user's use and 
















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