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PPR nano antibacterial tube

PPR nano antibacterial tube

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Product introduction

In the condition of moisture, IONPURE, the antimicrobial layer on the inner wall of the PPR antimicrobial pipe, will slowly release a small amount of silver ions. On the one hand, due to the negative charge on the surface of bacteria, silver ions with positive charge will be adsorbed on the surface of bacteria, thus damaging their electrolyte balance, leading to the death of bacteria due to cell damage. On the other hand, silver ions enter the bacteria, react and combine with the cell enzymes of bacteria, inhibit the activity of bacteria and reproduction of bacteria, and achieve the effect of sterilization.

PPR nano-antibacterial pipe system, with bactericidal and antibacterial effect, can effectively prevent the breeding of bacteria, eliminate common bacteria in water, ensure the sanitation and cleanliness of water in the pipe, is an environment-friendly new plastic pipe.

Product features

1, broad spectrum of high-efficiency antibacterial 99% : strong antibacterial effect, by the national authority testing, longyue PPR antibacterial pipe on escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus antibacterial rate reached 99.9% above, far more than QB/T 2591-2003 standard antibacterial l level requirements, is the first choice of household plumbing health.

2. Long-term sterilization and anti-mold efficiency: with the use of long-term slow-release inorganic nano-silver antibacterial components, longyue PPR antibacterial pipe can maintain excellent antibacterial and anti-mold performance during the service life of the whole pipe, so as to ensure long-term use and health.

3, stable internal and external characteristics: the use of composite modification of materials and precision co-extrusion technology, internal and external quality is the same, from the appearance to the stability of temperature and pressure resistance properties have maintained the excellent characteristics of longyue PPR pipe.

4, long service life: good toughness, heat resistance and creep resistance, under normal pressure and temperature, service life up to 50 years.


















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